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Child Therapist

Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives: Pediatric Mental Health and Wellness

Our Providers

Merrill Wood, APRN, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Certified Pediatric Mental Health Specialist, Becks Institute Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certified Clinician

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to get into a career path that would make a difference in people’s lives. This interest led me to study nursing and eventually a pediatric nurse practitioner and certified pediatric mental health specialist. As a licensed nurse practitioner and mental health specialist in the North Texas area, I am committed to the well-being of all my patients and go above and beyond to meet their needs. I truly care for all of my patients, and work diligently to help provide the help they need. At Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives, we strive to provide the best primary pediatric mental health care for children in Texas.  


Jennifer Cabler, MD, Board Certified Pediatrician & Medical Director

I recognize the importance of a patient-centered medical and mental health experience, which inspires me to ensure your child receives high quality evidence based primary pediatric mental health care. It’s a privilege to serve as the medical director for Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives- Pediatric Mental Health and Wellness. Addressing and treating your child's mental health care needs is just as important as caring for your child's physical needs. 

Practice Areas

Our Services

According to the American Academy, “ General pediatric providers should help diagnose, treat, and manage pediatric patients with primary mental health disorders.” Through the use of a cognitive behavioral therapy approach, medication, and collaborative treatment measures, my patients develop life-changing skills to help them cope with any of life’s difficult obstacles. Appointments are designed to listen to each child’s unique personal story and provide patients with effective tools to help them live a mentally and physically healthy life.

Anxiety Treatment & Management

As a Certified Pediatric Mental Health Specialist, I am able to treat, diagnose, and manage mild to moderate anxiety and mild obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms in children and adolescents ages 6 to 21 years of age. I am able to collaborate with counselors and psychiatric providers to determine if your child needs a higher level of care. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I am a Becks Institute Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certified Clinician. I am certified to deliver CBT as a first line therapy for anxiety and depression. Additionally, I am certified to deliver COPE2THRIVE, an evidenced based program using cognitive behavioral therapy to create opportunities for personal empowerment through 7 personalized sessions. COPE is designed for children 7 years and up and focuses on helping children and adolescents who struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, and self-esteem issues.

Medication Management

As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Pediatric Mental Health Specialist, I am able to provide medication management for anxiety and depression in children and adolescents 6 years and older. Additionally, I am able to consult with psychiatric providers to provide the best care for your child. I am able to determine if your child requires a higher level of care, refer to psychiatry providers, and walk your child and family through this process. 

Mental Health & Wellness

Taking care of your mental health and mental wellness is crucial to a healthy life. I am able to offer mental health evaluations and offer personalized mental health treatment and wellness plans for children and adolescents ages 6-21 years. 



"My daughter had been struggling with low self-esteem for well over a year when I decided to reach out to Merrill.  We weren’t seeing significant improvement with the two previous counselors we had met with. I discussed my concerns with Merrill and she shared her knowledge about an evidenced based program called COPE.  Since starting this program, my daughter has learned various techniques and strategies to help build her self-esteem.  Merrill has personalized her therapy approach to meet my child’s needs.  We are now seeing personal growth and steady progress in our child. Merrill is caring and compassionate. She will support you and your child on the journey to achieving optimal mental health."

Parent of a Patient


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